Obesity:2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System of The Center for Disease Control and Prevention showed an increase of 2.4 million obese adults between 2007 and 2009.

Our History

Morel Group-Highlights

  • 1980 Original foundation of Morcare Group Insurance Consultants
  • 1985 Morel Family creates the first All-Canadian true electronic health and dental claims payment highway
  • 1996 Morel Group pioneers the "Flat Cost Per Claim" health and dental claims payment methodology
  • 2000 Morel Group Acquires ACL & Associates (major block of Canadian Colleges & Universities)
  • 2005 Morel Group pioneers the dispensing of Canadian prescription drugs to US employers/employees at 40-50% less.
  • 2011 Morel Group revolutionizes the delivery of group insurance benefits by acquiring part ownership of HHI Healthcare Solutions (Canada/US). New Generation of group insurance delivery by eliminating insurance companies for health & dental benefits and building Employee Owned Private Medical & Wellness Centres for Canadian & US corporations with 1000+ employees.