A study published in the American Journal of Medicine in 2009 found more than 60 percent of bankruptcies were related to medical issues. alcohol and drug abuse cost the United States an estimated $276 billion each year, mostly in lost work productivity and healthcare costs related to abuse.

Our History

Morel Group-Highlights

  • 1980 Original foundation of Morcare Group Insurance Consultants
  • 1985 Morel Family creates the first All-Canadian true electronic health and dental claims payment highway
  • 1996 Morel Group pioneers the "Flat Cost Per Claim" health and dental claims payment methodology
  • 2000 Morel Group Acquires ACL & Associates (major block of Canadian Colleges & Universities)
  • 2005 Morel Group pioneers the dispensing of Canadian prescription drugs to US employers/employees at 40-50% less.
  • 2011 Morel Group revolutionizes the delivery of group insurance benefits by acquiring part ownership of HHI Healthcare Solutions (Canada/US). New Generation of group insurance delivery by eliminating insurance companies for health & dental benefits and building Employee Owned Private Medical & Wellness Centres for Canadian & US corporations with 1000+ employees.